Yoga. Shape. Shopping.

Hi, everyone!
Let's talk about sports and shape.
Today I want to share with you a yoga video tutorials from Rainbeau Mars. Here is a link to her official  website where you can get video tutorials for just $ 9.99!
Now I'm on this program:

Previously, I worked with an instructor, but I did not like that in the group were all different levels and the instructor could not give enough time for everyone. Unfortunately, personal trainer is very expensive and time are not convenient (only at 9.30 am)
So I went into independent practice. Long searched for a suitable program and finally found! While I have been only 2 weeks on the program for beginners, I think that will move to the second level by December.
Now, about the figure and the fact that I want a change.
After hormone failure and holiday in Turkey, I was a little recovered - hips, abdomen, thighs. Weight loss of 4.5 kg had accumulated. I also would like to disappoint his arms and legs (too thin, they have me).
I plan to begin to swim on Saturdays, and yoga three times a week.
To cheer myself I bought a new set of clothes for yoga. 

Top bilcee $17
Pants adidas $14,99

Sorry for my appearance, I made ​​a photo immediately after a workout:)
I wish you all a pleasant week!

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